Last nights Bedford Speedway season opener took a turn for the worse on the first lap of the heat race as the #13 Mopar of Brian Lowery got tangled in a accident that left the car wounded for the night. "It's unfortunate to get caught up in someone else's mess like that, but it's racing and you have that. We were in the wrong place at the wrong time," said a disappointed Lowery after the races. "On the bright side, I think the car and engine were the best I've ever had in the hot lap session. Gotta thank Todd Bechtel for all his hard work on the engine, Rocket Chassis and Genesis Shocks for the car and chassis setup. We'll get this thing fixed up and I believe we have some real bright days ahead of us," said Lowery.









Brian Lowery Racing will compete again in the Late Model Sportsman division in 2018 with the familiar number 13 MOPAR engine powered Rocket Chassis. BLR plans to compete regularly at the Bedford Speedway and the Greater Cumberland Raceway which includes 5 dates with the Mason Dixon Shootout Series. Also highlighted on the schedule for BLR is the Annual Bedford County Fair race on July 22, Bedford Speedway Fall Fest on September 15, Bedford Keystone Cup on September 29, and the Queen City 50 at the Greater Cumberland Raceway on October 19 and 20.

Brian Lowery Racing is working hard completing assembly of a new Rocket Chassis with a refreshed paint scheme for 2018. BLR will once again rely on a MOPAR powerplant built by Curry Dynamics who is equally as busy preparing for the upcoming season.

"Todd (Curry Dynamics) has always done a nice job for us. He seems to be really excited with what is going on over there with the engine side of things and I'm excited about the new chassis, when it all comes together it should be one of the best pieces we've ever put on the track. We are once again utilizing Genesis Shocks and working with them to get the power to the ground and chassis heading in the right direction. With the ever changing technology in dirt late models, its nice to have some factory support from Genesis to lean on when needed."

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Brian Lowery and Team #13 has finished up their 25th season in racing and work has already begun for the 2018 season.  "Unfortunately we broke our engine a couple weeks ago at Bedford and won't make it out to any more races this season.  We are already planning to get the engine program started and also have begun work on a new chassis for next season too.  We did get a feature win at Cumberland and had a strong run going at Bedford the last race, but we struggled with the handle on the car for the most part of this season.  We definitely took a step backwards in performance from last season, so we'll try to figure out what we need to do to get that Mopar back up front for next season," says Lowery.


Keep up to date with all BLR news and plans for next season when it becomes available on the teams website www.brianlowery.com or the Brian Lowery Racing Team facebook page.












It was a beautiful summer evening for racing at the Bedford Speedway, and Team #13 took to the Bedford Speedway to take on the Mason Dixon Shootout Series.  The night started off well for Team #13 as Lowery piloted the Curry Dynamics powered Mopar to a runner up finish in the Heat Race.  Lowery started the 25 lap Feature race from the 5th starting spot, but didn't stay there long as the chassis didn't appear to his liking and eventually settled for a 9th Place finish.  "The car was better than the driver tonight. I tried to work the bottom of the track for the first third of the race and should've went to the top.  Got to far behind, I think we could have hung there a little better if I would've," said Lowery after the race.












Brian Lowery and Team #13 have the week off from racing action, but are using the week to prepare for the prestigious Bedford County Fair Race at the Hyndman, PA shop.  "We always like to take this week to kind of put some extra effort into the prep and maintenance for the fair race, it's always a huge turnout and we like to run good and look good for the crowd," says Lowery.  In 2015, Lowery was able to break through and get his first Bedford County Fair Race Feature win and considers it one of his biggest wins to date.  The Late Model Sportsman edition of the Bedford County Fair Race is Sunday July 23rd.


Also big news this week is the Brian Lowery Racing Team has added a new marketing partner with the Hyndman Area Health Center.  The Hyndman Area Health Center (HAHC) has a mission to provide quality health and dental care at a comfortable, attractive facility in a cost effective manner.  The HAHC now has two locations, Hyndman and Bedford, that are staffed with caring, knowledgeable, and qualified personnel.


The Brian Lowery Racing 25th Season #13 Dodge Challenger will have a slightly different look when it rolls out for the Bedford County Fair race this week.  Along with the Hyndman Area Health Center logos, the car will feature another new 2017 marketing partner Karissa's Hair Hut.  "We are excited to be able to help promote these two new partners, anytime you can introduce new businesses and people to the sport is a great thing.  There is not a better opportunity to promote the new people than the Fair race, its one of biggest turnouts of the season, hopefully the weather decides to cooperate," says Lowery.


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Rain showers tried to dampen the racing activities at the Cumberland Raceway tonight, but the raceway staff had other plans and put forth a great effort to get the show completed.  Brian Lowery and Team #13 worked hard to adapt to the wet conditions and brought home a 2nd place finish after starting 3rd in the main event.  In the preliminary race, Lowery started 4th and wheeled the Curry Dynamics powered Rocket Chassis Dodge to a 2nd place finish.  "We were fast tonight, just couldn't overcome the track position.  Congrats to Mooch Cornell on a great win and outstanding effort by the Cumberland Raceway staff for working their butts off to get the show in," said Lowery













Team #13 made its first start of the season with the Mason Dixon Shootout Series during its stop at the Bedford Speedway for the "Independence Day Face-Off" on Sunday night.  Thirty-one cars entered the Bedford Speedway pit area to battle it out for the 4th of July Weekend special event.  Things began well as Lowery cruised to an impressive heat race win with his Curry Dynamics powered Mopar Dodge Challenger.  For the 25 lap main event, Lowery rolled off from the 2nd starting position, but it was evident early that he didn't have the car performing to his liking and fell to a 8th place finish.  "We were fast early, but not when it really counted.  We've been off so far this year at Bedford, getting closer though.  We were so good in the heat that we didn't change enough for the feature and it really bit us.  It was really fun to compete with the Mason Dixon Shootout Series, they have some top notch competition and is run really well," said Lowery after the race. 

Team 13 will be back in action this Saturday at the Greater Cumberland Raceway.










Lowery Gets Caught Up in Tangle, Finishes 4th at Cumberland


Things started well with a dominating Heat race win for Team #13 last night at the Cumberland Raceway.  After the invert, Lowery started 6th in the Feature event and quickly worked his way to 2nd place.  Lowery was able to use his Curry Dynamics Mopar power to catch leader Curtis Heath and was looking to the inside of him when a caution occurred for a spin.  On the restart Lowery again looked to the inside of Heath for the lead, made slight contact and decided to back out when he was then hit in the LR and spun.  "We got in under Curtis coming off turn 2 and it got tight so, I got off the throttle and the K20 had nowhere to go so he got into me.  It was a racing deal, I just wish we could have all finished to put on a good show for the fans.  We were fast and had a car that could win, so we gotta feel good about that." said Lowery after the race.








After 3 straight rainouts due to the regions wet spring, the Brian Lowery Racing Team was eager to get their 25th season back on track Friday night at the Bedford Speedway. Lowery started 7th in his heat race and improved to a 5th place finish. For the Feature race, Lowery rolled off from the 10th position in the Curry Dynamics Mopar powered Dodge Challenger. After fighting an ill-handling car, Lowery brought the car home with a 9th Place finish. "We were behind from hot laps on tonight. We just never adjusted enough all night long, should have taken a bigger swing at it. We brought it home in one piece and can work on it for the next time," said Lowery after the race.









Things started off rough for Team #13 this weekend at the Bedford Speedway.  After constantly posting lap times faster than the Late Model Sportsman Bedford Speedway track record in hot laps, the team thought they had a car to be reckoned with for the night.  Brian started 4th in his Heat race and finished 3rd.  After redrawing the number 6 for the Feature race Lowery got off to a decent start, but unfortunately got tangled with another competitor early and would end up retiring for the evening.  The team worked long hours Friday night and Saturday morning making repairs to the #13 Dodge Challenger Rocket for their first visit of the season to the Cumberland Raceway.  Lowery and the Team struggled with the handling of the Rocket chassis early in the evening at Cumberland, but the team went to work and made adjustments.  Lowery rolled off on the pole position for the Feature but dropped to 2nd place by the end of lap 1.  Throughout the race, Lowery's Dodge Challenger Rocket powered by Curry Dynamics seemed to improve and overtook the lead by halfway and held on for the Feature win.  "Really cool to come back here and get a win at Cumberland.  I've got to give so much credit to my crew for staying up late last night and all day today making repairs to the car, it made it all worthwhile.  This (Cumberland) track was so heavy, we struggled with the car, but the Curry Dynamics Mopar powerplant really bailed us out," said Lowery after the race.







Brian Lowery and Team#13 kicked off the 2017 season last night at the Bedford Speedway. The night started off well with a 2nd place finish in the heat race. Luck of draw gave Lowery a 5th place starting spot for the Feature race. The BSL Racewrap Dodge Challenger wasn't handling to Lowery's liking and he eventually fell to a 9th place finish. "Well we got the first (race) in and knocked the rust off, now we can get to racing. We had some bugs to deal with and I didn't make some good decisions with the chassis setup, we'll learn and move on," said Lowery.






As the race tracks sit quiet in the north east, many race shops are buzzing with lots of work and it's no different at the Hyndman, PA home of Brian Lowery Racing as the team prepares for its 25th Year in competition.  The team is busy with the usual off-season routine of maintenance and getting ready for a season long racing schedule.  Team #13 will once again be competing in the Late Model Sportsman division in 2017 using a Dodge Challenger bodied Rocket Chassis which is powered by a Curry Dynamics built Mopar engine.  The team has just announced it's planned schedule for the upcoming season which includes races at the Bedford Speedway, Hagerstown Speedway, and the Cumberland Raceway.  To help celebrate "25 Years In Racing," the team has launched a new website at www.brianlowery.com and also a new facebook page @brianloweryracing.  Brian Lowery Racing has just released a brand new Kevin Quirk Racewear designed t-shirt featuring the 25 Years in Racing logo which is available for purchase now at the teams facebook page and will be available all season at the team hauler and shop.








The number 2 was Brian Lowery's lucky number Saturday as he started 2nd in his qualifying Heat race and 2nd in the Feature race and leading every lap of both for the wins. Lowery used the high line around Bedford Speedways multi-groove surface to ride the Curry Dynamics powered, Rocket Chassis Mopar to the Feature Win during the last night of the Speedways 80th Anniversary season Fall Fest event. "We've struggled to get this thing hooked up the way I like all season, and I didn't think we were going to get a win this year, but we finally put it all together tonight," said Lowery after the race. "I've got to thank Mike Farr and Mike Lutz with Genesis Racing Shocks for some great advice and for being there to lean on, we've been on their stuff for quite a few years now. We've been fast early in the nights, and then not making the correct adjustments to stay up with the track throughout the evening, and tonight we hit it, she really was a rocket." said Lowery

Brian Lowery and Team #13 would like to thank all the sponsors that make it possible to compete every week: BSL Racing Graphix, Curry Dynamics, Hoosier Tires, Rocket Chassis, Stuart Shaffer Trucking/ Excavating, 1st Place Motorsports, Emerick's Meats, T.G. Motor Sales, Genesis Racing Shocks, Corley's Auto, T.C. Race Cars, and WIX Filters.






The next event for Brian Lowery and Team #13 will be Saturday, September 17th at the Bedford Speedway for Fall Fest Weekend. The Late Model Sportsman compete on the Saturday portion of the two day event and Lowery hopes to end the Bedford Speedway season on a high note. "We just haven't hit on the right combination for Bedford yet this season. For whatever reason we've just been off, but we're looking forward to Fall Fest and trying to get this Mopar up front," says Lowery.